ContentWrite Services

When you don’t have the time, the resources, the skills in your team, or just the peace and quiet to get stuck in to the task, I can help.

Writing Services

I can help when...

  • you need a regular stream of blog posts to engage, entertain and educate your customers
  • you want to turn your most successful projects into case studies to build credibility with prospects
  • you want to demonstrate thought leadership in your industry
  • your website copy needs a refresh
  • your team have great ideas for blogs and articles but their writing needs a polish
  • you've invested in research, but the report is dry and hard to read
  • you've got all the content for a report or presentation but you need help with turning it into a great story
  • it's industry award time, and you don't have time to enter

Content Planning

I can help when...

  • you need creative ideas for an ongoing stream of blog posts to meet your marketing objectives
  • you need to build a content calendar that fits with your marketing plan for the year
  • you want to maximise a hero piece of content, such as a white paper or report, by creating supporting blogs, infographics, webinars and social media content
  • you need to define your audiences and create meaningful, relateable personas
  • you want to create or refresh your tone of voice or house style


Research Services

I can help when...

  • you need desk research to find great quotes and external evidence to support your content
  • you are short of resources to conduct depth interviews or moderate online or offline groups
  • you - or your client - wants to maximise the value of your research data by finding new stories and creating additional content
  • you need research project support of any kind: proposal writing, research design, questionnaires, tab checking, analysis, report writing, presentations etc


More than just a tool for SEO, business blogs help connect with your audience and give your customers a reason to keep coming back to your site. 
You can use blogs to demonstrate thought leadership, publicise new products or services, invite debate or, simply, to entertain.

“I've commissioned Judith for several pieces of Insight Platforms content, and will use her again in the future. She has good breadth of knowledge across the technology, research and analytics industries; and she gets up to speed very quickly in new areas. She's responsive, works efficiently and always has a creative take on a brief. I have recommended her to many people, but I'm starting to regret that: these days, there's usually a queue for her services.”

Mike Stevens, Insight Platforms


Articles enable you to go into your topic in more depth than you can in a blog - and also to meet your audience in a different place, and with a different mindset.

For example, an article in an industry or national publication can build credibility and earn you the attention of a new audience; customer magazines are great for building relationships.

“Judith understood the brief for the article very well and produced a really good first draft that needed only minor revision. The whole process was very easy, and saved me a lot of time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Judith’s work.”

Rachel White, GfK

Reports, White Papers & eBooks

Reports, white papers and eBooks should be clear and easy to read, never dull or dry. Reports can vary widely in style and content, but they all have to goal of bringing together data, evidence and analysis to create a compelling argument. 

“I’ve rarely read a more interesting, accessible and insightful report. It’s very, very well written (not something I say lightly!) and full of compelling analysis.”

David Haigh, Financial Capability Director,
Money Advice Service

Case Studies

Case studies are far and away the best marketing tool for B2B companies; they prove to your prospects that you can do what they need.You can use case studies to demonstrate your experience in previous projects with clients in similar industries, with similar business issues, using similar methodologies.
The best case studies include testimonials from clients and demonstrate tangible positive outcomes such as ROI, increased customer loyalty or award wins.

"Judith really understands research and knows how to communicate. Whether she is writing a report, proposal, presentation, case study, white paper or article, her work is always clear, easy to understand and right for the audience."

Rhonda Rice, Director, GfK

Awards & Conference Papers

There's so much value in entering industry awards and speaking at conferences. They enable you to stand out in your industry, show off your expertise and celebrate your successes.
However, it takes time write your entry and it can be hard to get it right as it's not something you do every day.

“Judith has worked with our customers to create industry awards submissions. She is extremely professional and engaging and always manages to get the insights needed for a successful entry.”

Georgina Barker, Head of Content at Cognito iQ


When you've done the writing, but it just needs a polish, or you want to recycle and re-use existing content.
Often you or your colleagues are best place to write a first draft, as you know exactly what you want to say. But then, an objective editor can help you to structure your piece more effectively and to tighten up the writing for more impact. 

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Clients include:

Content Planning

Define your tone of voice, build a style guide, develop detailed audience personas and create a content calendar so you are talking to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.
These things don't just happen - they need thought and planning. 

ContentWrite offers:

  • Content planning workshops - to define tone of voice and build personas and a content calendar that fits your brand and gets your messages across
  • Content audits - to assess the status quo and feed into planning
  • Ongoing style guide development and content reviews - to continuously hone your content and ensure it fits your plan

Research Projects

Support at every stage of the process from research design, through interviews, focus groups and online qual to data analysis and reporting
If you are short of resource, I can run projects or fill any gaps you may have in your team, qual or quant.


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