How ContentWrite helps market researchers

ContentWrite gives you a Research Director level resource, on tap, to help with any type of written work when you don’t have the time, the resources, the skills in your team, or just the peace and quiet to get stuck in to the task.

I can help when …

  • your client wants to use research results for thought leadership: I’ll turn the data into a clear, engaging white paper or ebook, ready for publication.
  • the project is complete, and you’ve debriefed the client, but they want a full report: I’ll step in, working from the tables or the debrief and conducting further analysis as required.
  • your marketing department is nagging you to write up case studies of previous projects: I’ll interview your team, and (with permission) your client, to create compelling success stories that you can use in future pitches.
  • you need background and context for a proposal: I’ll conduct desk research and write it up, so you can focus on methodology and costing.

Here are some examples of my work.